Now blogging at The Crime Map (but still here, too)

The Crime Map is's official blog

The Crime Map is's official blog

James Gunter, marketing and social media guy for, has been a Cops 2.0 fan for some time. He has backlinked to our posts in his own blog entries and tweeted our links on Twitter. So I was very pleased and flattered when he asked me to blog regularly at the blog, The Crime Map.

My debut post there is “Information Overload and the Law Enforcement Agency“:

…communicators have a double-edged challenge: cut through the noise and cut through the comfort zone. Because not only does the sheer amount of information coming at us mean there’s no time to think critically; learning to build community to help us filter it means, in effect, we’re trusting other people to do our thinking for us.

And if we’re doing that, then your message about teen drinking and driving, domestic violence, or child pornography won’t get through.

Or at least, is less likely to get through!

In any case, I’m excited about the new opportunity. James’ blog is strong on useful information overall, and so I hope you’ll add The Crime Map to your RSS feed readers, because I’ll be writing fresh content for them about law enforcement and social media issues. Drop me a line via comment or email; tell me what you’d like to see discussed, and what you think about what I’m writing.

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