Published: Sat, November 19, 2016
Technology | By Tonya May

Lots of Pixel resellers have had their Google accounts suspended

Lots of Pixel resellers have had their Google accounts suspended

Quite a lot of Google Pixel phone users who recently bought Pixel phone from a New Hampshire dealer are now in trouble after the company detected their online purchases and found to be violating its terms of service.

Since there is no sales tax in the state of New Hampshire, the dealer would then split the savings made from not paying sales tax with the users that agreed to help. Resale of the devices goes against Google's policy which states that customers, "may only purchase Devices for your personal use [and] may not commercially resell any Device".

News that Google has suspended almost 200 accounts suspected of violating the company's terms of service, surfaced today. Luckily for them, the Mountain View-based tech giant eventually chose to reverse this decision, possibly because of a relatively large public outcry that it generated.

Hundreds of Google users have had their accounts suspended for trying to profit from reselling Pixel phones by exploiting a loophole in U.S. sales tax. There is no room for buying a Pixel phone and then resell it to make a profit, something that appears to be the case with the now banned Google accounts. Speaking of which, Google's representatives asserted that repeated offenses probably won't be sanctioned as lightly. Google suspended accounts of all such buyers who took advantage of this tax loophole.

The only issue with this plan: Google doesn't allow it.

Users have lost photos saved in Google Photos, while others have been further locked out of other accounts that have the password reset functionality linked to Gmail. If you decided to make profit out of reselling a Google Pixel smartphone, you will be banned! Until it is settled, the accounts remain unavailable, and for many, that means they temporarily have no access to email, photos, Google Voice and Sheets, and many services to which they have subscribed without backup.

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It is bad that Google took such harsh action against the T&C offenders.

Google is up with strong arm on unwitting users who violate the company's policies.

The crackdown may come as a surprise to the hundreds of millions of people who now routinely rely on Google, Facebook, Apple and other tech companies as the caretakers of their digital lives.

Just to be perfectly clear, Google had every right to disable the accounts in question - the company's terms of service clearly prohibits the commercial resale of devices purchased from its online store or through Project Fi.

When we began investigating this situation, we suspected that some users were duped into doing this deal.

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