Published: Fri, November 04, 2016
USA | By Yvette Dunn

White nationalist apologizes for call targeting McMullin

White nationalist apologizes for call targeting McMullin

A white nationalist Trump supporter is apologizing for a robo call in Utah where he called independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin a "closet homosexual" and "open borders amnesty supporter". In response, Utah GOP Chairman James Evans said some county party bylaws do prevent endorsements of third-party candidates.

Republicans favor Trump over McMullin by a 56-34% margin, while independents break for Trump over Clinton 34-32%.

The calls started going out Monday night voters in Utah, where polls show McMullin is threatening Trump. "They've come home to being pragmatic because they believe the choice is between Donald Trump and Hillary and they don't want to deliver Utah to Hillary".

Gorton, a former USA senator and state attorney general, and Reed, a former secretary of state, had come to rebuke their party's presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The Monmouth poll interviewed 402 likely voters October 30-Nov. 2. It has a margin of error +/- 4.9%.

McMullin has led or tied with Trump in some public surveys there in recent weeks, which if realized would make him the first third-party candidate to win a state since 1968. But even among those voters, Trump is up over McMullin by 6 points.

University of Utah junior Joel Gardner poses a question to Evan Mc Mullin during a candidate forum on campus. Gardner says he voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson but would be happy if Mc Mullin won Utah
White nationalist apologizes for call targeting McMullin

Gorton and ex-Secretary of State Sam Reed, two Republicans with a combined 52 years of experience in legislative and statewide office, turned in a list of 12 McMullin electors at the Secretary of State's office on Wednesday. "That streak should remain intact", said Monmouth's polling director Patrick Murray. McMullin, a Mormon with Utah roots, has focused his efforts on winning the state since getting into the race in August.

Back in June - what seems like several lifetimes ago in this campaign cycle - Gorton penned an opinion column describing his dissatisfaction with both Trump and Clinton.

Gorton has been a mainstay of Republican presidential campaigns, twice backing Bob Dole for the presidency and actively supporting George W. Bush against the John McCain insurgency in 2000.

Gary Herbert leads Democrat Mike Weinholtz 63-30% in the gubernatorial contest. Mike Lee and Rep. Mia Love. Tuesday, the Utah GOP rallied in the Capitol rotunda with the same message.

Donald Trump retains the 6-point lead he had in last month's Monmouth University Poll, according to data released Thursday afternoon. Almost half, however, told the university's pollsters they didn't know enough about McMullin to rate his favorability. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. They had been breaking heavily for McMullin; now they're for Trump, 47-37.

Among Utahns who said they had not yet voted, 39 percent told pollsters they intend to vote for Trump, 29 percent for McMullin, and 24 percent for Clinton.

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