Published: Fri, December 02, 2016
Science | By Carlton Santiago

Facebook Messenger adding games like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Words with Friends

Facebook Messenger adding games like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Words with Friends

You can choose between various titles such as EverWing, Endless Lake, Words with Friends, Hex, Arkanoid, 2020 Connect, and Shuffle Cats Mini.

League tables of scores will also be available and Facebook says the new feature will allow more people to play games without having to download apps.

Of course, the games aren't just there to pass time - you can also compete against your friends, which Facebook hopes will be a good reason to keep you in Messenger. There are games you've at least played once or more depending on your interest, but the PAC-MAN, Galaga and Space Invaders steal the show here. Instant Games might just make it easy enough for me to overcome my reservations.

What do you think of the new Facebook Instant Games? This new feature is available in 30 countries so far but you do need a newer version of Apple and Android operating systems to use it. The Messenger Games have score-based leader boards, group thread conversations, and in-context chats.

It is believed that the HTML5 games built inside the messenger are not much powerful graphically but they are engaging.

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The concept is similar to that of "Instant Articles", which allows faster loading of news stories by hosting them on the powerful servers of Facebook instead of linking to a separate news site.

Have you ever played games on Facebook? Facebook is also coming up with many other games in order to cash in on the more fun.

Facebook has been beefing up Messenger quite a bit this year with features like Instant Video and Secret Conversations, and today Facebook announced another new Messenger feature. ZOOKEEPER is now available worldwide on the Instant Games.

In 2008, Facebook dominated social gaming as its desktop app platform proved more popular to play around as compared to utilities. But the "Instant Games" bit is something that the social media giant managed to capitalise on, and will no doubt be a hit with users especially for "Pac-man" fans.

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