Published: Sun, December 25, 2016
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Joey Boots, 'Howard Stern Show' personality, dies in NYC

Joey Boots, 'Howard Stern Show' personality, dies in NYC

According to TMZ, Bleaman found Boots dead after calling the apartment manager while conducting a live podcast. Erik says Boots was found "slumped over in a chair" and he was "ice cold" without a pulse.

High Pitch Erik, a fellow member of the "Howard Stern Show" clique, reporedly visited Boots' apartment building after the latter did not show up for his gig, TMZ writes.

Boots, whose real name was Joey Bassolino, suffered from diabetes, according to Page Six. Joey Boots was particularly known for shouting his catch phrase "Baba Booey" during broadcasts.

In 2014, Bassolino won a NY court case over the right to run up behind reporters and yell, "Baba Booey!"

There was an outpouring of sadness expressed by fans on social media Saturday after hearing the news.

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Bassolino's exact cause of death is under investigation.

"Joey Boots wasn't a Wack Packer to me...he was a genuine friend", Memet Walker, a staffer on the The Howard Stern Show, said in an Instagram post of a picture of him and Boots together.

In addition to being a Stern regular, Boots had a live podcast called "The Joey Boots Show" on Friday nights. "I'm gonna miss you like hell, buddy".

And another bid Boots farewell by writing, "RIP Joey Boots". The "Podtrash" show had more than 100 episodes.

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