Published: Wed, December 14, 2016
Science | By Carlton Santiago

Listening to classical music helps men concentrate, new study claims

It is still unclear why rock music affected men more than women.

It's all about concentration says a new study published by the Imperial College London and the Royal College of Music.

Researches studied 352 concertgoers at London's Imperial Festival to play the classic children's game, Operation. Thunderstruck triggered an average of 36 mistakes, while the sonata and operating theatre noises prompted 28. Those headphones played either Australian rock band AC/DC's song Thunderstruck, Mozart's Andante from Sonata for two pianos - "well known for its apparent beneficial effects on concentration and intellect (known as the Mozart effect) - or just normal sounds from an operating room".

It's always been theorized that classical music increases higher brain functionality, but the news rock music like AC/DC may actually scramble a man's brain, well, wait, what were we talking about?

Having music on had no effect on women and they performed better than men at the Operation board game involved in the study. They then asked them to play a bit of the Operation game - which consisted of removing three plastic parts from small holes in a "patient" without touching the metal sides. It took volunteers around one minute to complete the task. Researchers say it could be because men are more susceptible to "auditory stresses" brought on by loud or harsh music.

At least 21 killed in Idlib province airstrikes
Close to two-thirds of rebel-held areas of east Aleppo have now fallen to the Syrian government after another district was seized. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said six members of the same family died in the attack.

Although some studies have found benefits to music in surgery, such as Jamaican music and hip-hop increasing the speed and efficiency of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgeries, "there have also been accounts of dark and risky effects of music in operating theatres, with 26 percent of anaesthetists reporting that music reduced their vigilance".

The research teams have been examining how music can alter performance.

Men may want to think twice before listening to ACDC, Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith while playing board games, as rock music may distract them and impair their performance, a new study suggests.

"One of our areas of research is how we can boost performance in many different settings - from rowing in the Olympics, to a musical performance or delivering an important speech".

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