Published: Wed, December 14, 2016
Entertainment | By Alexander Flowers

The OA (Official Trailer) By Netflix

In "The OA " s one minute and a half trailer revealed by Netflix, the woman was first shown trying to recognize her parents. And what does OA even stand for? However, it looks like The OA isn't going to need much promotion.

"Get in", their latest post reads, "We have a long ride".

Now, Netflix has surprised us with a previously unheard of show. Despite the preview that was just released, viewers are still wondering what the series is all about.

The show reminds us a lot of Kyle XY and Eleven from Netflix's Stranger Things, with all its eerie labs and experiments on children.

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The announcement was quite a surprise since Netflix hadn't really promoted the series since ordering it in March of past year. Now in her 20s, Marling has not only returned home but can see for the first time.

"The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a lovely net, I'd catch only handsome things", says the returned Johnson (Brit Marling, who also created the show with Zal Batmanglij). It's described by Netflix as a "mind-bending tale about identity, human connection and the borders between life and death". Prairie insists that she did not disappear and that she was "present for all of it". Plan B Entertainment (Moonlight, Hulu's Deadbeat) and Anonymous Content (True Detective) are also listed as executive producers. She acts weird, and calls herself The OA. Hmmmmmm.... The OA co-stars Phyllis Smith (The Office), Emory Cohen (Brooklyn), Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead) and Jason Isaacs (the Harry Potter franchise).

The full series debuts on Netflix this Friday, with the streaming giant hoping this will become as big as hit as its summertime piece of nostalgia-tapping supernaturalism.

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