Published: Sat, December 24, 2016
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Vin Diesel Hits On YouTube Star In The Most Awkward Interview Ever

Vin Diesel Hits On YouTube Star In The Most Awkward Interview Ever

Paul Walker's pal then tells surrounding crew: "I love her, man". Look at her. How am I supposed to sit over here looking at such beauty?

After answering a handful of Moreira's questions about his career, Diesel began interrupting the reporter to tell her, repeatedly, how lovely he found her (around the 4:49 mark in the video below). "Guys, what's wrong? Am I the only one that's saying. look at her!"

"She's so f****** handsome you can't even do an interview with her". "When did this turn into attractive world?"

Diesel stopped in Brazil during his press tour for xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

"I love you. I love you", he adds, perhaps just in case there's any ambiguity. "I was laughing, completely uncomfortable". I did not like it.

Please, Vin Diesel, we never thought we'd say this, but just go back to singing "See You Again" all the time. "I'm in love. I'm in love with the interviewer", he added a few minutes later. It also sounds like harassment.

"God I love her. Look at how lovely she is!" I'm in love. I'm in love with the interviewer.

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It's not the first time "A Charlie Brown Christmas" has caused holiday controversy. The school district was unmoved by his arguments, however.

Vin left reporter Carol Moreira embarrassed and annoyed when he showered her with foul-mouthed compliments during an interview.

The Hollywood A-lister, 49, got on his knees and crept towards Brazilian journalist Carol Moreira while telling her he thinks she is "f****** sexy". She's so handsome. I'm in love.

Vin Diesel sure is a friendly fella. God she's so lovely. "She's so handsome. Am I right or wrong?" he remarks, asking the crew around him. "Look at this woman!"

Diesel welcomed his third child, daughter Pauline, with wife Paloma Jimenez last March.

We guess Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might not have been so far off about acting unprofessionally!

Vin, real name Mark Vincent, has not spoken publicly about the interview, but took to Instagram to share a snap with his co-star, Tyrese, and their families visiting Santa.

Carol, who eventually managed to put an end to the interview and his cringe-worthy attempt at flirting, addressed the situation in the intro to her video.

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