Published: Thu, December 08, 2016
Science | By Carlton Santiago

Watch 41999 LEDs continuously change the colour of this Lexus

Watch 41999 LEDs continuously change the colour of this Lexus

While it's not necessarily Christmas-themed, Lexus put 41,999 LED lights on their new IS sedan to create a one-off Lexus LIT IS. Lexus, a luxury division of Japanese auto brand Toyota has revealed all new customized IS 2017 which is wrapped in 41,999 programmed LEDs that expresses the design of the vehicle and also reacts to the gestures of the owner. Through this responsive technology and the animations, an expressive auto was turned into an actual vehicle for expression, and the concept for a new Dua Lipa music video was born.

Watch Lexus's full reveal of the LIT IS above - set to a flurry of dance tracks - which showcases the gorgeous potential of the concept auto. The first, coined "Attract" mode features a loop of graphics aimed at highlighting the design of the IS.

Swapping to Music Viz turns the concept into a giant visualizer, which creates a custom response to the song being played. This mode directly connects the vehicle and the driver, allowing the person to send a signal and see the auto respond.

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Created in collaboration with Vevo, the vehicle appears in the new music video for Dua Lipa's Be The One, but isn't just a special effect realized in post-production.

The Lexus LIT IS, perfectly named, produces 175,000 lumens when fully illuminated. Gesture mode allows the motion of the LED animations to be controlled by users' hand movements with the help of a gaming console. In the video, the LIT IS is featured as a character in a story as Dua's "ex".

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