Published: Sat, January 07, 2017
Sport | By Desiree Waters

Brett Eldredge finds snake inside toilet

Brett Eldredge finds snake inside toilet

In the clip he said: 'Here we are, it's the morning. "I was going to take a leak, start the day. I walk in here and what do we have?" "A lovely New Year snake!"

Eldredge noticed the snake's size when he got a closer look. The snake hisses away whilst being carried out of the room, knowing it just missed an opportunity to get some blood from one of Nashville's biggest stars. He's got a real big body.

Someone came to remove the reptile and it coiled around a stick before being carried out of the bathroom. Eldredge holds the door open as the snake, wrapped around the wood, is safely rushed out of the house. The other side too'. Eldredge says in the video posted on Wednesday (Jan. 4).

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Eldredge and his friends used huge caution while successfully sliding the snake onto a stick-like object to send him back to where it belonged in the great outdoors. The video now has more than 330,000 views and 26,000 likes.

Brett shared the frightening discovery with fans on Instagram in a video which showed a friend helping him wrangle the snake with a stick.

Back in May, a man in Thailand lived everyone's worst nightmare when he was sitting on the toilet and a python chomped into his penis.

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