Published: Sun, January 08, 2017
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Damir's Portfolio - Damir Kotorić - Medium

Damir's Portfolio - Damir Kotorić - Medium

I then launched a Google AdWords campaign to see if there is interest for drone aerial footage.

I set aside $ 50 to test if there is interest in hiring an aerial photographer. It cost about $ 1 per visitor.When to visitor submits an inquiry form, it is saved in a Google Spreadsheet I created and I get an email notification.

Now, before I can fly commercially I drones first need to get the license. But before I invest the time and money in getting a license, I first checked to see if this business idea showed promise. Could I get people interested in hiring me? If I do some pro bono work, how will I like the potential new job?

The tamal, food of the gods - A favorite dish in Latin America - AARP ...
At present there is a rediscovery of tamales and there are from very simple to very gourmet ones. "With ... great in and rest Latin America, force more 3,000 years, food totally ecological, nothing is in elaboration, the waste, the nature", The Carrillo Salinas.

In the design world we call this LEAN thinking. You test the idea first, and if it Show promise, you only then invest in it properly.

The verdict: Falcon Films shows promise!

My first taste at drone flying. I converted to Google AdWords visitor searching for "aerial landscape photography" to a client lead, and finally to a pro bono client job.Next I scored a gig shooting aerial footage for the Melbourne Ska Orchestra!

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