Published: Mon, January 09, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Eric Trump does not speak Spanish, poses with woman wearing "Latina against Trump" shirt - CBS News

If Eric Trump ever took a Spanish class in high school, it looks like he might have snoozed through the lesson on prepositions.

At a campaign event last week in Salisbury, North Carolina, Donald Trump's are posed with an attendee rocking the "Latin vs. Trump" t-shirt. The problem is, "against" means against - not for.

Apparently no one else with the campaign had their flashcards handy either. According to the woman wearing the shirt, 23-year-old Annie Cardelle, three staffers looked over her to take a photo with Trump and his wife Lara.

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"I thought we were going to get Some dirty looks, and I was just going to leave if that happened. I really did not want to make a scene, "Annie said. "But no one noticed."

Annie and her sister Ceci, who are Cuban descent, posted about their stunt on Twitter, and the story promptly went viral.

Thanks to sisters for this basic lesson in Spanish.

Annie, Hillary Clinton supporter, said they have not heard anything from the Trump campaign since the story gained so much attention. But she did hear from the Clinton campaign - they invited her and Ceci to a rally in North Carolina on Thursday.

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