Published: Sun, January 08, 2017
USA | By Yvette Dunn

French banks do not give Le Pen money for elections

French banks do not give Le Pen money for elections

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said the United Kingdom economy is weathering Brexit, giving her confidence to seek an immediate renegotiation of France's relationship with the European Union if elected. "The age-old methods of politicking, of persecuting opponents, do not die away", Le Pen told AFP. "The economic signals are good". She had just lost an election for the region's top office, but the leader of France's anti-immigrant, anti-euro National Front did not deliver a concession speech. - Said the right-wing policies. France should dump the euro and return to a national currency, though the exchange rate could be linked to some sort of European currency mechanism, Le Pen said. "It's half (of what we need), but we'll find it". In 2012 that was 16.85 million euros for candidates taking part in the first round and 21.51 million for those taking part in the second round.

Marine Le Pen's National Front (FN) has borrowed about 6 million euros from her estranged father and party founder Jean-Marie - an ironic twist since she threw him out of the party, but a vital move now with her back to the wall over financing. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has adopted a friendlier tone toward Russian Federation while another French presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, favors lifting sanctions against Moscow.

"Every time big corporations, big finance don't get what they want, they say it's a conspiracy of the Russians", she said.

"I do not believe that there was an illegal annexation: there was a referendum, the people of Crimea wanted to join Russian Federation", she said.

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Laying into Mr Fillon, she said that French economic gloom and mass unemployment could be tackled in three ways: cutting salaries to create wage deflation, shrinking social protection or monetary deflation. "We don't want to see an increase in tensions between the USA and Russian Federation for a very selfish reason: we are in the middle".

Ukraine has threatened to ban French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen from entering the country following her claim that Russia's annexation of Crimea was not illegal.

She also stoked up a diplomatic storm through that interview, which contained a similar stance on Crimea's annexation.

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