Published: Thu, January 19, 2017
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Give It A Go: Red Riding Hood

Give It A Go: Red Riding Hood

Me and the fam just watched Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried from Dear John.

I liked it. It was not the cheese-tastic as I was expecting. There was some bad acting going on though. And I was surprised because I recognized the majority of the cast. Except of course for this guy ...

Umm Hellooo hottie patottie! I'll have some of that thanks. Two words, Shiloh Fernandez, where have you been all my life?

FitToDo :: Barotitis media (See- Airplane ear)
Talk to your child's doctor about prescribing your child's eardrops that contain pain reliever and numbing agent for the flight. Once the medications have improved the function of the eustachian tubes, use of the Valsalva maneuver may force the tubes open.

So anyway this male specimen's hottness kind of made the movie for me. already? Oh, yeah, yeah, that's pecks, I mean becks. Ahem.

O ya, check out Red Riding Hood. It's based on the fairy tale slightly with an interesting twist. I did not predict the end for eleven (normally this is a skill of mine). Not at all a thriller though like it is advertised.

PS: What I am loving today = 1. The first Java chip frap via Starbucks in the whip no drizzle, of the summer. Pool day with the fam and nobody else at the pool all day!
3. Deli free samples, thanks Kroger. Lyddy and I making plans for our Etsy store!
5. More Goodwill finds! Posts to come.

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