Published: Fri, January 13, 2017
USA | By Yvette Dunn

Judge To Formally Hand Down Death Sentence For S.C. Church Shooter

Dylann Roof was sentenced to death Tuesday for killing nine black church members during Bible study, the first person to face execution for federal hate-crime convictions.

Finally, Roof said it's fair to say that the prosecutors hate him since they're seeking the death penalty. "So, for what he did, I thought the sentence of death was more than appropriate". Roof acted as his own attorney and did not question any witnesses.

A judge will formally sentence him during a hearing Wednesday.

Family members of the victims of the Emanuel AME Church shooting leave during a break at the Charleston Federal Courthouse during the federal trial of Dylann Roof in Charleston, Jan. 10.

Many pleaded with Roof to look at them.

All expressed anguish and frustration.

"I'm happy he got a fair trial", LaToya Sanders said. "So, I did achieve in getting him to look up and to pay attention to what I was saying".

Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone said in a statement that the Catholic Church opposes capital punishment and reminded people that all life is sacred.

"And for you to sit here every day - I was here from the beginning to the end - and never, ever apologise ... was hurtful. You are the biggest coward because even today you can't look at us". Sanders said that she can no longer shut her eyes to pray out of fear of another attack, but she can still find comfort in the torn and bloodied Bible she showed to the court. "Even when I try, I can not. Even when I try, I can not, because I have to keep my eye on everyone around me".

"I forgive you for you actions". That was the easiest thing I had to do.

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"Yes, I know you". Instead, the slayings had a unifying effect, as SC removed the Confederate flag from its Statehouse for the first time in more than 50 years and other states followed suit, taking down Confederate banners and monuments. He pulled the trigger "more than 75 times ... reloading seven times" as he stood over his victims, shooting them repeatedly, Richardson said.

"So, for all of them to really be that committed to their job as a juror was a very unbelievable - to sit through that - and I appreciate it". "I've gotten to know you because you are in my head", Sanders told Roof as she clutched the tattered Bible she carried to the church on the night of the shooting. We have to stop this'.

OLGIN: Graham says he supports the death sentence for his sister's killer. Roof's reply was, "I don't like what black people do".

Roof's family said in a statement, "We will always love Dylann". And he was radicalized! You can read a portion of Roof's closing statement below.

The daughter of a woman killed during a massacre at a Charleston church says she doesn't want the racist killer to face the death penalty.

"You can't help someone who don't want to help themselves, and that is you", she said, adding, "May God have mercy on your soul".

Not knowing for certain if the danger had passed, Pinckney dialed 911 and breathlessly told an operator she had heard shots inside the church. The competency evaluation was submitted to the parties in the case, but it has not be released to the public.

After he was sentenced, Roof asked a judge to appoint him new attorneys, but the judge said he was not inclined to do so because they had performed "admirably".

Roof is facing separate murder charges brought by the state of SC, which is also seeking the death penalty.

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