Published: Mon, January 16, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Latin girl who gave a letter to Pope Francisco asks for immigration reform for Christmas | The opinion

Latin girl who gave a letter to Pope Francisco asks for immigration reform for Christmas | The opinion

Sophie Cruz , the Hispanic girl who recently managed to deliver a letter to Pope Francis during her visit to the United States , As ambassador of a campaign that seeks to collect signatures in favor of the executive actions of DAPA and DACA.

From this week until the Day of Kings, the Mexican Transnational Brotherhood Southern California will gather letters written by the community to be sent to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to plead for this relief for immigrants.

The minor of Mexican descent, was today In San Diego, California, to invite people to join this cause that seeks peace of mind for families who live under constant fear of deportation.

To live with our parents, to be happy, to live without fear and that our "

" I ask our governors, lawyers and the president to protect us with immigration reform for our dads. Sophie Cruz's mother was shocked to hear that her daughter's only wish this Christmas is a reform of immigration.

"When they talk about a deportation That breaks me, because it's very difficult for families that have been separated, "said Zoyla Cruz, mother of Sophie and another two-year-old.

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It was precisely fear of Be separated from her family which has prompted this young girl to get involved in this fight for the rights of undocumented immigrants who are only in the country in search of better opportunities.

A few days later, the girl promised her parents that she would deliver a letter to Pope Francis and President Barack Obama asking for immigration reform.

At the end of September, the world witnessed how the He managed to skip security to deliver a letter to the Supreme Pontiff.

On the other hand, although he has not yet been able to see the president, Sophie already sent him his request by mail And has been notified that it has already been received and that it would be published on the White House website .

To date, the Transnational Mexican Brotherhood organization has already received dozens of letters from people from all The age group, although he expects to gather "as many as possible", to send them to the magistrate judge early next year.

"If we have the vote for him we already have five winning to have DACA and DAPA approved" , Explained Teresa Moreno, representative of the sandieguina organization.

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