Published: Tue, January 17, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Molenbeek police raid: Brussels terror fears as cops launch raid

Molenbeek police raid: Brussels terror fears as cops launch raid

Perpetrators of the 2004 Madrid train bombings, the Brussels Airport attack on March 22 which left 32 people dead and an attack in on a Jewish museum in the Belgian capital have also resided in Molenbeek.

Three men detained for questioning after an anti-terror raid in the Brussels district of Molenbeek have been released without charges, Belgian prosecutors say.

Armed police closed off a large section in the area and stormed several properties as part of an ongoing investigation.

"These are searches carried out within the framework of a judicial file managed by the Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office", the spokesman of the federal police told local RTL info.

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The three suspects will be questioned on Sunday (15 January) The Telegraph reports. Streets in the "jihadi capital of Europe" have been blocked off as anti-terrorism squads launch a major operation.

Salah Abdeslam, who masterminded the 2015 attacks in Paris which killed 130 people, lived in the area.

Police in in the area collectively called in sick January 6 in protest of long working hours and a shortage of 40 officers.

The area's terror links are so persistent and extensive that commentators have dubbed it "The Islamic State of Molenbeek".

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