Published: Tue, January 03, 2017
USA | By Yvette Dunn

More than 50 killed in Brazil prison riot

More than 50 killed in Brazil prison riot

The killings occurred over a feud between rival criminal factions, the Sao Paulo-based First Capital Command (PCC) and a local Amazonian crime group Family of the North (FDN) who are engaged in a long-term dispute over controlling prisons, drug trafficking routes, and territory in the region reeling from drug violence.

The number of dead is the highest in a prison riot since 1992 when 111 inmates died after police stormed a prison in Carandiru in Sao Paulo.

Fontes said the riot was quelled by 7am local time on Monday (2 January), and authorities were still attempting to establish how many prisoners had escaped.

According to a media report, this prison riot was the deadliest in years. Police said they acted in self-defence then.

According to Brazil's Globo TV, the Anisio Jobin rioters held prison guards hostage, as well as 74 fellow inmates.

Snooper's charter is ruled unlawful by EU
Once that exit actually happens (if it does!) the legal status of the court's ruling will again be thrown into question. Instead, the court said only " fighting serious crime " such as terrorism could justify such state interference.

- June 12-July 13, 2011: VENEZUELA - Clashes between prisoners, and a subsequent military intervention at the El Rodeo detention center, leave around 30 dead.

The North Family is thought to have been acting on behalf of PCC's rival gang, the Rio de Janeiro-based Red Command or CV, the country's second-largest drug syndicate after the PCC. "There were escapes. We don't know yet how many but we are searching for the escapees", - Manaus State Public Security Secretary Sergio Fontes says it is the biggest prison massacre in the state's history. Two groups of inmates clashed in one facility in the northern state of Roraima on October 16, leaving 10 dead, several of them decapitated, according to news reports. A three-day battle between gangs in Rio de Janeiro's Benfica jail ended with 30 prisoners and a prison warden dead, almost half of them beheaded.

"One group is trying to eliminate the other so they can dominate the prison system", said Marluce da Costa Sousa, coordinator of the Amazonas state branch of Pastoral Carceraria - a prisoner advocate group linked to the Catholic church. During that episode, prisoners affiliated with the two gangs took visitors hostage, beheaded rivals and burned others alive. Amazonas police were investigating whether there was a link between the violence at the three prisons. Brazil has the largest prison population after the United States, China and Russian Federation. She said it's been very hard for states to receive funding help for prisons from the central government.

Last week, President Michel Temer announced that the federal government would transfer 1.2 billion reais ($366 million/351 million euros) to states, partly to finance increased security in existing prisons and the construction of new prisons.

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