Published: Tue, January 03, 2017
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Nina Tara, Designer in London | Reedsy

Nina Tara, Designer in London | Reedsy

Creative Director

January, 1992 - Present (over 25 years)

I am a highly Creative individual, who is also an enthusiastic, innovative photographer, illustrator and communicator. I worked well both in a team and also stand alone. Constantly striving to meet any challenges and requirements and always looking for unique creative solutions for my clients. Working across the many genres in book publishing and also able to manage and oversee projects from art direction of illustrators / photographers to concept, design to final print.

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I am at my most happiest when ... • I am working on a project that makes me want to push myself even further than the last project did.
• I am able to help family and friends feel safe and loved.
• I am snuggling up to my daughter / dogs and wee cat, watching a movie.
• I am making a mess in my studio from working on ideas and concepts for covers.
• My daughter laughs (it is very infectious!).
• Out of the 500 million or so photographs that I have taken I find one that takes my breath away.
• I find something that totally inspires me (I have to share it).
• Someone hires me to work on a project for them and the next time I look at it 5 years later and we are now friends - but still working together; )

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