Published: Fri, January 13, 2017
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Quinny - USA

Quinny - USA

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At the mall with baby quinny and aunt sammi! My baby is soo spoiled! (: (Meshelle *******)

Especially d ehem malay minah mat type. Wich is and I like to wanna buy it but tis quinny I saw it not the usual buzz or zap. Its formula 3 (Skate *****)

Torn in between quinny n Gelite sam n tony.I still tink quinny is so yesterday it does not seem like evry malay young parents muz hv them. ***)

And the Quinny buggy is so massive that it can not fit through any doors, on any paths, or into the boot of the car - it's a savage beast. ****)

Great start to the weekend with Quinny join us from eight here on TalkSPORT The builders are in. Interesting to see what they dig up (Marksa *****) P>

I'm keeping an eye on my niece who is on her quinny sleeping while my mum is currently busy . (Mir ***)

Currently chillin withh thee bestfriendd quinny! Haha! Alwayss & foreverr! (Imdhatb ******)

What did I tell you? Quinny bundles it in blades in voice now. >

Mrs Lee said that "QUINNY" is a brand of an Expensive pram. Means that, im high class! :) (Queen ****)

Haduh td kepencet . pertanyaan: quinny zapp stroller itu bisa ampe berapa ya maksimum berat angkutnya? (Chariss *******)

Oouchh! I want finn to just be with rachel! And puck, go get ur quinny; S (Pattyr ******)

Quinny will not be able to watch our drama group performance, there's a bit more swearing than she's used to haha. (Tayla *****)

Melissa & amp; Doug toys, mobi monitors, maxi cosi car seats, quinny give away, baby aspen- open now! (BTre ****)

What color maxi cosi car seat goes well with quinny buzz capri? (YCesur4 ******)

We got a quinny buzz travel system. It's great, so easy to change from pram / buggy / car seat. It's bright red, I love it! (Boogie ******)

Location. Ideally needs to be compatible with preferred Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat. Current contenders inc Quinny Buzz & amp; (Hele ****)

RL One.

Hang out with Santanny or Quinny or MattMatt or Finnkinikins. (Britte ******)

Munster should recruit John Muldoon. Quinny cant go on forever. Or can he? Fb (Philip _ ******)

Felt for Quinny but he'll be right the rain for Guineas weekend at Newmarket. Think he cares more than Rafa Weekend Breakfast from 8 (Marksa *****)

WorLd of nation's toomarrow! & Amp; amp; I'm the endinq dis nitee taLkinq to my quinny :) (TarynB ******)

Quinny and samantha is having a lot of issues with there bodee Jennifer is talking about sending her home more info coming Up (TheGypsy *******)

They all have loola 's rond here and quinny buzzs or the double buggies with big / lil / bro / sis on ek (Jayjay ***** )

LMAO! Quinny you know I love that word so much I ignore the rest of the curse out! Lol (MizzesC ******)

Sometimes! But Coach can be mean. At least Santanny and Quinny are there with me. (Britte ******)

LMAO. Well Quinny was drunk. XP. Haha, I'd like to see her with Artie myself, but maybe that's a little biased of me. P (FakeDian *******)

Think I might be about to sell my soul For Quinny Buzz. The chassis should fit in Marmite's boot!: D (Mllej ****)

Anyone see that quinny poll that shows brunner getting destroyed on tuesday? (Colton ******)

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Idk I just wanted to be apart of the convo. Quinny poo how I miss you and your truck lol (Clished *******)

Christina's Voice Within I had a feeling this song was coming. Good job Quinny;) (Chrstina *******)

Yeh, of course honeycustard, but, ya see, he really cares about me do not he. He cares' bout me, im his little quinny! (10Laet ******)

Have you been named Quinn? I have a 1yr old named Quinn. He's my Quinny the pooh. ;-) (Mothero ******)

Quinny's gotta rotate more, Hawks gotta setup, they're gettin in front of thmslvs (Staar *****)

Our traveling stroller (quinny zapp, i sport, jive, cocolatte ice) is all rented. Please kindly contact us for waiting list :) (Bambino *******)

Please get some scoop on Quick and baby Drizzle related things. Also please find out Quinny is now living !! (Starf *****)

HiMyNameIs Quinny I have a beautiful daughter named Justice whom I am currently tryn to sell on Craiglist (ALyrical *******)

HiMyNameIs Quinny ima Virgo, I love to write, read, cook, nd clean. I can rock sneakers w / a prom dress nd still be bomb. (ALyrical *******)

Britax is best for convertible seat and go with uppa baby or quinny stroller for city (Ravey ****)

Quinny is definitely King in southern California. How do you like your Quinny stroller? (NessaL ******)

Hooray, replacement wheels on the way free of charge for Grai's Quinny stroller! Getting our walk on soon :-) (Jenngo *****)

I've had 3 friends take back the Bugaboo. We have a Quinny Buzz and LOVE it. Works with Maxi Cosi infant seat. (Chicag ******)

I have not folded the PP but I found the Quinny Buzz to be hard to fold. It sticks & amp; U have to stand awkwardly to fold it. (That_da ******)

Opinions please- Bugaboo Bee or Quinny Buzz? Trading the old buggy in and want something small / light / parent facing. (Mllej ****)

But getting it out of the car! And unfolding it! And. Blergh. I do not have a big one at all, tho. To Quinny Zapp. (Jonn ****)

On the massively accident prone 405N. Most of the bad news on the radio on the 405! Drivin 2 pick up the Quinny Zapp stroller. FML! (Tattoo ******)

Quinny, Stokke, Maxi-Cosi, Joolz ,. The world of baby push chairs: very colorful for a soon to be, decision time = soon :-)! (Geoffjo ******)

I'm selling my quinny buzz 3, carry cot and 2 seat units, plus jumperoo if anyone is interested x (Katea *****) P>

Anybody with children? These are good products to write about - phil and teds stroller, quinny baby stroller, quinny zapp black (BestRev ******)

Saveonstrollers quinny buzz baby stroller review: how to choose the best baby stroller (SaveOnSt *******)

Bestjogstroller Quinny Buzz Baby Stroller Review: How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller (Bestjogs *******)

Lol I Just saw Bill Ritter the news from eyewitness news and he has a bugaboo stroller! I can not believe him! Go quinny buzz! Lolol (Culture *******)

Now the proud owner of two Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix bases, to go with the Quinny Buzz 3. The next baby-related purchase will be the car seat. (ABit ****)

Haha! Yes, it's been a while since I had a quinny. Zapp in my hands! - D (Lui ***)

Stroller make sure you do not get quinny zapp. Its good to go with maxi cozy seat but kenot recline. Kesian anak! (Suraya ******)

On my way to buy my Quinny stroller, so excited. I thought I was buying shoes. (LuCreti *******)

We got the Maxi-Cosi car seat to fix the Quinny Zapp frame because then you only have to pack away the current frame. X (Jax2 ***)

Cosatto Cabi is quite good. Quinny Buzz has a travel system. I'm not a fan of travel systems but they have their place (Cafe ****)

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