Published: Sat, January 14, 2017
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Travel In

Appetizers - Appetizers

Pita baked with garlic-baked pita with garlic


Pita baked with garlic and cheese


Pita with a choice of dips - Pita with garnish

Garlic dip - Garlic cream


Humus - Chickpea Gine


Tuna salad - Salad of Tuna

Mixed salad with vinaigrette

Mixed salad with vinaigrette

Individual Pita Pizza

(pizza-sauce and cheese- pizza sauce and cheese) - Bird's Farm Cottages - Elmstead Market, Essex Independent Insurance Services Home Page - Perkins Slade Global Payment Processing Solutions

· Add any ingredients you like- Add any ingredient:

Onion or Garlic - Onion or Garlic

Tomato - Tomato

Pepperoni or Olives - Pepperoni or Olives

Pita beef or cheeseburger with tomato and onion

Pita hamburger with tomato and onion


P> Pita fillet with onion and cocktail sauce

Pita with fillet d E fish, onion and salsa cocktel

Main Meals - Main Dishes

Special of the day

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