Published: Thu, January 12, 2017
USA | By Yvette Dunn

Trump says ObamaCare replacement should come quickly

Trump says ObamaCare replacement should come quickly

But Senate Republicans said Tuesday talks are underway with the incoming Trump administration and the House to find an alternative. Sen.

Republicans will work on unraveling and replacing the health care law at the same time, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday as GOP leaders struggled to align their zeal to rapidly erase one of President Barack Obama's proudest achievements with Congress' legislative and political pitfalls.

The Senate planned to work through the night Wednesday to take the first real step toward repealing Obamacare - a top goal of congressional Republicans and President-elect Donald Trump.

"Obamacare is the Democrats' problem", he said.

Dillon says nonetheless the Trump Organization will voluntarily donate all profits from foreign government payments to his hotels to the U.S. Treasury.

The amendment would extend the deadline from January 27 to March 3, a move its sponsors say will give incoming Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price more time to "review what the Trump administration can repeal and replace administratively versus legislatively". "Long to me would be weeks", he said, adding "the replace will be very quickly or simultaneously, very shortly thereafter".

"I worry more about what we told the American people in the last election: 'Repeal and replace, '" said Sen. But even if it's not, nobody should call a bill that leaves Obamacare's regulations in place "repeal".

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He said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation" that replacement would follow "rapidly" but did not define the timetable.

Trump's vague comments come as Republicans on Capitol Hill are embroiled in an internal disagreement about the timing of repealing and replacing Obamacare and how the plan will be implemented. Cory Booker pledged to fight against Republican actions to repeal the Affordable Care Act without offering a replacement, calling them "reckless and risky".

Democrats' insistence on "fixing" everything they thought wrong in American health care in one giant bill is a key reason the ObamaCare law was such a disastrous kludge.

But remember the second half of the Republican mantra - "replace". "We are doing a tremendous service for that", Trump said.

Ryan's team is whipping support for the fiscal 2017 budget resolution that includes reconciliation instructions in anticipation of a Friday vote.

Insurance premiums are going up in most states, and some insurance companies have bailed out of the exchanges, claiming they're losing money. "They can not live with it, and they have to go together". "It won't be repeal and then two years later go in with another plan". The amendment supported by Collins puts off a key part of the process - language drafted by committees that would craft the details of what an ACA repeal would look like - from January 27 to March 3.

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