Published: Sun, January 08, 2017
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Winners of Nuun Energy Giveaway - another mother runner

Winners of Nuun Energy Giveaway - another mother runner

Highlight of March for my trio: the annual neighborhood St. Patrick's Day parade-including the free candy tossed at spectators. (And, yes, poncho-wearing Daphne * is * a good 3 "workshop than her tie-dyed twin bro.)

Here in Portland, it's Day 1 of spring break. I'm rejoicing about a week of not making School lunches ... but I'm also feeling a bit guilty, our family is not doing anything like this-not even a few nights at the ruggedly beautiful Oregon coast, which is the go-to option for most Portlanders, no matter What season is it (Heck, you'd risk hypothermia year-round if you were brazen / crazy enough to go into the Pacific this far north!)

Maybe I should let "Muppets Most Wanted" (despite the flick getting tepid reviews).

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Maybe I should let

My kids drink some Nuun Energy, the three new flavors of caffeinated electrolyte tablets with energizing B-vitamins, to make them feel peppy. It is mighty tasty and provides a fun kick ... The winners of our Wildebeest An Energy Sampler Pack giveaway will get to know the buzz themselves. The five gals, plus how they caffeinate, are:

Chunky Girl: "Oh coffee, how I love you. Mary Lisa:

Beth Sharkey: "I was steering Clear of caffeine until I started training for my first marathon.Now I have a cup every morning and I look forward to the warm goodness in my hands while I'm sleepily getting two kids ready for school. "

Jessica S.: "Constant caffeine, from coffee and Diet Dr Pepper." I do not feel the effects of it often but I feel the LACK of it! "

Chunky Girl, Mary Lisa, Beth Sharkey, Jessica S., and Emily: Please email us your full name and email address at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com. For the rest of you lovelies: To get 20% off an order of Nuun Energy-or anything from Nuun's online store-use code AMRNUUN at checkout.

Electrolytes in myriad flavors and formulations: Get any (or all!) Of Them for 20% off using AMRNUUN code at

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