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A Light in the dark: You gotta love bicornes.

A Light in the dark: You gotta love bicornes.

For a while now I have been suggesting to Walt that the bicorne troops with backpacks would be nice to represent a lot of troops throughout the period. I also threw in for good measure that greatcoats would be useful too and the final hint I said his shako troops at march attack look great. So he took me at his word and rolled them all into one useful package. Yeap Bicorne troops with backpacks with muskets at march attack. They arrived on Xmas eve so I have been a little slow in getting them to the painting table but here they are at last. I think they look splendid and can of course be used as a generic footslogger in many armies of the mid to late Napoleonic wars. Especially the many troops wore them with campaign dress. As I said earlier these could appear in many armies but I chose to make these a Saxon brigade as I am one short for 1809. So here you have them Saxon allies for the French. I do however have some doubts on these as the Saxons may have still used haversacks in Bavaria Austria but I do not really care about here are .

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First the individual elements.

The figures are straight from the Box with the drums and standards added. I really like these especially with the shouldered muskets. Nice touch in MDF.

Based on Blucher

At the moment I have one massed battery for the Saxons but this really unhistorical so in line with our house rule re attached artillery I will probably use one of the inserts for an artillery battery

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