Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
Technology | By Tonya May

Apple AirPods Get a New Paint Job With ColorWare

Apple AirPods, for quite a while now has been facing backlash from the consumers due lack of color options.

The customized AirPods is expected to be delivered in around six weeks, which sounds both exciting and anticipating at the same time.

Apple launched AirPods wireless earphones only in the color white and the accessories sell for the price of $159 on Apple's website, with free shipping. Apple's released some really great-looking gadgets recently with shades of Rose Gold and Jet Black, but AirPods unfortunately only come in a white color scheme. That's right, Apple is still nowhere close to meeting demand for its new cordless earbuds. You can own them right away if you search then buy them on Amazon instead, though you'll have to be prepared to pay a premium price.

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The company announced the support for AirPods customization today on Twitter, explaining that it was a hard process. If you like, you can even make each AirPod a different color. The same color options are available, so you could either match everything or go insane and have a different color for each bud and the case. If you want to customize the color of the case, you'll have to tack an additional $30 onto that price for a total of $319. According to Apple Insider, the shop says they are waiting for their supply of new Apple AirPods to arrive from the tech giant.

ColorWare fully disassembles various products to paint them in custom colors and the company said that the process wasn't that easy for AirPods. You can choose between either solid colors or metallic.

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