Published: Fri, February 24, 2017
Technology | By Tonya May

Facebook in talks with Major League Baseball to live stream games, report says

Facebook in talks with Major League Baseball to live stream games, report says

He's rattling his saber now over potentially unilateral invocation of rules changes before 2018 to make changes he feels are necessary to speed up the game, and calling out the MLBPA for not cooperating with his agenda for this season.

This is the ideal time to segway into the next piece of information.

Agreement with the union is required for playing rules changes unless Major League Baseball gives one-year advance notice, in which case it can unilaterally make alterations.

In addition, Major League Baseball likely can alter some video review rules without the union's agreement - such as shortening the time a manager has to call for a review.

Clark indicated that, thus far, only two small changes are likely to be implemented: making intentional walks automatic and putting a two-minute limit on replay reviews.

Clark, for his part, had precipitated things by saying in Florida last week that he was "a romantic" and didn't see any need to change the game he loved.

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The network said the league and its union have agreed to the change, which will take effect this season.

Shaving a minute of time in a game - if an intentional walk even happens - isn't a huge chunk to begin with. Management would like to install 20-second pitch clocks in an attempt to speed the pace of play - they have been used at Triple-A and Double-A for the past two seasons.

The rule change comes as part of MLB's continued efforts to pick up the pace of games. Twitter will start a weekly Major League Baseball game for the upcoming 2017 season, with the specific schedule yet to be determined.

However, it seems unlikely that scrapping four pitches in one game will affect game time much, if at all. I don't normally listen to the whole game, maybe just the first hour or so, but it's a great way to catch up on all the stories from Spring Training camp. One radical and wholly controversial change - placing a runner on second base to start extra innings - will be attempted in the low minor leagues beginning this season.

Traditionalists will grumble no matter what because that's what baseball traditionalists do, but changes that affect the game's presentation will always be more digestible, I think, than changes that affect the skill set players are required to master. But I do think it's an issue we should keep on the front burner and be cognizant of.

Commissioner Rob Manfred pulled back the curtain on it on Tuesday as he took questions on the state of the game from the media in Phoenix.

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