Published: Wed, February 22, 2017
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Children's stories in English and Spanish

Once upon a time there were three bears: a Bear Dad, a Bear Mom and a Bear Bear. They lived together in a yellow house with a red roof in the middle of a large forest.

One day, Mama Osa cooked a large pot of delicious and hot soup for breakfast . It was too hot to eat it, so the bears decided to go for a walk while the soup cooled.

Near the forest lived a little girl named Goldilocks. Goldilocks Was a small and mischievous girl. That morning, she was playing in the woods, throwing stones at the squirrels, when she smelled the delicious soup that Mama Osa had made.

So hungry! " thought Goldilocks. " I wonder if they will share their soup with me. "

The house and looked through the window. She saw three bowls of soup on the kitchen table - but no one seemed to be home. Then Goldilocks came in. (Oh, she was a little mischievous little girl!)

First, Goldilocks tasted the soup in Papa Bear's bowl. "Oh, this soup is very hot!" , she said.

Then Goldilocks tasted the soup in Mama's bowl Osa.

Finally, Goldilocks tasted the soup in the Baby bowl.

Bear. "Mmm, this soup is perfect!" , she said; And ate the whole bowl of soup.

On a full and satisfied stomach, Goldilocks looked for somewhere to sit. She saw three chairs by the fireplace. First, she sat in Papa Bear's chair. "This chair is very hard!" , she complained.

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Then she sat on Mama Osa's chair. "This chair is very soft!" She complained.

She was still tired, so she went up the stairs to the room, where there were three beds. First, Goldilocks tried Papa Bear's bed, but she did not like it. "This bed is very hard!" , she said.

Then she tried Mama Osa's bed, but she did not like it either. "This bed is very soft!" , she said.

Finally, she tried Baby Bear's bed. "This bed is perfect!", She said cheerfully, and fell into a deep sleep full of dreams about cookies and kittens.

Soon, The bears returned from their walk, ready to eat their breakfast. But they were surprised to see the spoons already placed in their bowls of soup. "Someone has been eating my soup!" , exclaimed Papa Bear.

"Someone has been eating my soup ... and my bowl is empty!" , she sobbed.

Baby Bear, who loved the soup.

Then the three bears saw that their chairs had been used. "Who has been sitting on my chair?" , asked Papa Bear.

"Who has been sitting on my chair ... and broke it?" , asked Mama Osa.

> Asked Baby Bear, and began to cry.

The three bears quickly climbed the stairs to check their room. "Someone has been sleeping in my bed!" , Papa Bear snarled.

"Someone has been sleeping in my bed ... and it's still there!" , Momma Osa grumbled.

, Shouted Baby Bear so strong that Goldilocks awoke.

Inside, she found her own bowl and her own chair. And that night, just before she went to sleep in her own bed, she promised herself: "I'll never eat soup again. (PS: I've also made this story in French, Italian, and German.)


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