Published: Sat, February 04, 2017
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I am moving my US iMac and macbook pro to Irela ... | Official Apple Support Communities

I am moving my US iMac and macbook pro to Irela ... | Official Apple Support Communities

Thank you, I have the adapters so glad that would work. I just heard adapters burn out often. So just thought for my main iMac computer, the plug would be best. I will get one once I move.

Any other suggestions or things I should know about apple products in Ireland. I know there are no Apple stores there.

An adapter does not burn out. It simply serves as a means to connect the power prongs on your power supply device.

I believe you are thinking of a transformer, which you do not need. A transformer converts one voltage to another.

You do not need to do that the power supply of modern electronics can take almost any worldwide voltage.

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Look at the label on the Device. It should indicate the acceptable power input of 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.

Additionally, I found the adapters cheaper in the UK than I found them in the US. They were available in most supermarket chains. I was not in Ireland, so I can not say one way or the other.

If you have something that does not have that input power spec, it would require a transformer.

On other items like electric clocks or things with motors, you can connect them up to a transformer and the voltage will be correct, but the frequency may not. For clocks, that will cause them to not keep time well. For motors, they will burn out.

Like this: