Published: Wed, February 01, 2017
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Nathalia Cristaldo is a distinguished student of International Relations with a focus in political science from the American University of Asuncion, Paraguay. Currently, she is starting the thesis process to graduate.

The first time I heard talk about liberal ideas, I felt immediately identified. Nathalia finally joined the cause of freedom during the Freedom Foundation's Political Leadership Course in 2009. Since then she has participated and helped organize forums, talks and workshops on libertarian ideals.

Canyon Sin Nombre | Modern Hiker
Water and time have carved some of these cliffs into formations reminiscent of the area around Zabriskie Point in Death Valley. While here, we destroyed an illegal fire ring and scattered the ashes as broadly as possible to discourage this sort of thing.

In her academic career Nathalia has served as President and founding member of the Student Debate Forum called "International Analysis Forum" and member of the student body at the American University. These projects gave her the opportunity to work closely with colleagues from other universities to organize events, conferences and debates.

In addition, she has been an active organizer and participant in United Nations Models since 2010. She was the first in Organize a MUN at her university and co-organized the first National MUN that took place in her country in 2012 at the National University of Asunción.

Nathalia is a person who enjoys writing, especially short stories. This hobby has led her to spend part of her time writing on various blogs in her free time and engaging in social media.

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