Published: Tue, February 14, 2017
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Lavender / Aseret # 296 - AWESOME BERLIN

Lavender / Aseret # 296 - AWESOME BERLIN


Dors: 19: 30 / Start time: 20:00
Entrance 7-12 euro (up to your offer)

LAVENDER - Horizons Beneath the Surface
Transforming field recordings into new sound objects and re-purposing them In the context of depth of field and spatial placement. A meditative performance using a minimal modular synthesizer setup and video projections.

The Bark Avenue Foundation Richard Chamberlain
The Bark Avenue Foundation's 3rd Annual "Get Your Licks On Route 66" event took place right on the national Puppy Mill Awareness Day to draw the public attention on the puppy mills and theirs.

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ASERET - Escape to a new Space
A sensory experience where the public is immersed in tone-clusters. The perception of space and yourself as a place where to meditate and blend with sounds and images for an introspective awareness. Archetype moving images that shape the sounds and create new horizons in a new space.

Certain recordings are meant to be absorbed as sensory experiences - reminders that music is Not only about hooks and melodies, but also deeply grounded in texture, ambience and raw emotion.This is the vision that drives the work of Portland-based composer and producer LAVENDER. Lavender's first album Mystique Youth came out on August 15 2015 on Jacktone Records and made it into SF Weekly's top 15 Bay.

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