Published: Thu, February 02, 2017
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Life and Solitude In Easter Island

Life and Solitude In Easter Island

Easter Island is a popular exotic tourist destination, and you can find many of the modern amenities we take for granted. There is also a growing population of several thousand, mostly mainlanders. In 1952, Darío Verdugo-Binimelis, an idealistic Chilean physician, and his wife, Adriana, pulled up stakes.

And brought their four young sons to Easter Island for what would become an incredible adventure and educational experience for the family. Appointed by the Chilean Ministry of Health to serve two-year stint as the island's sole physician, Dr. Verdugo had the responsibility for the health of the island population of about eight hundred, and he also affectionately ministered to the patients isolated in the islands Leper colony.

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Dr. Verdugo has written a lyrical memoir of culture shock melting into affection for the native "Pascuenses" and their simple, carefree culture. He reflects on the day-to-day struggles amid stunning natural beauty and on strengthened family ties and deep friendships reinforced by the profound isolation of this tiny island sitting by itself in the middle of the vast South Pacific.

Life and Solitude in Easter Island adds a unique personal and family perspective to the growing body of Easter Island literature, and complements the material found in scholarly texts or in tourist guides.

Original Spanish-language memoir, Vida y Soledad en Isla de Pascua, published in Chile in 1999.

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