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Mariguana | Center for Young Women's Health

Mariguana | Center for Young Women's Health

Marijuana contains the chemical component THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that can be smoked, taken or mixed with food.

  • Marijuana depend on how concentrated THC is and whether it is used simultaneously in combination with alcohol or other drugs.
  • Prolonged use of marijuana can lead to serious mental, respiratory and addictive problems. , Pasture, Yerba - what do all these names have in common? All are names of marijuana, the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States.

    What is marijuana?

    Cannabis or marijuana is the result of mixing flowers, leaves , Stems and dried and crushed seeds of the plant Cannabis sativa. All forms of Cannabis contain the stimulant chemical "THC" (abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol delta-9) plus more than 400 other chemicals. Marijuana is usually smoked as a "joint" (cigar / cigar), a "blunt" (cigar), a regular pipe, or a glass pipe. It can also be mixed with food or filtered as tea. The most concentrated (ie, high THC) forms include sinsemilla, hashis and hash oil.

    What happens when you smoke marijuana?

    How marijuana affects a person depends on the amount and concentration of THC content, how it is used, and whether people are simultaneously taking other drugs.

    Remember, marijuana can Been mixed with other drugs without the user knowing in advance. If marijuana has been mixed with other drugs , the effects may be more intense.

    Are there other effects that I should know about?

    Even after the effects of marijuana decline, it has negative effects on the brain. The chemical THC directly affects the brain and therefore the use of marijuana can cause many problems that can last for days or weeks, including:

    • Problems to think / concentrate
    • Short-term memory loss
    • Distorted perception (things are diffuse, unclear)

    THC also alters coordination, balance, posture And the reaction time. This can cause problems while practicing some sport or activity that requires full attention and quick reaction such as driving.

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    Although research shows that consumption of marijuana has negative effects, some people choose to consume it. Perhaps because of the relaxation effects they experience each time they consume it. The truth is that although something makes you feel good does not mean that it is good for you.

    Other reasons why people use marijuana may include:

    • Feeling pressured by a group of friends or siblings
    • Using it as an escape from problems in their lives (family, school, etc.) Is the most consuming because you hear fashionable songs about marijuana and see that the actors on television and movies use it

I've heard that marijuana can also be used as a medicine, Is true?

Although the debate over the medical use of marijuana still continues the FDA has approved the use of marijuana-containing pills. The pill is only available in some states and the person must have a prescription to get it. Smoking marijuana is not considered or accepted as a medical treatment.

The Pill containing PHS could:

Nausea and vomiting in patients with cancer Helping people with AIDS maintain their appetite and weight

I've heard a lot about marijuana in the news. What are the legal considerations involved?

You may have heard or read a lot about the laws on the use and consumption of marijuana. This is because people have different opinions and feelings about whether or not marijuana should be legal. Each state in the United States has its own laws and penalties on the cultivation, possession, and sale of marijuana.

Many employers are requesting that workers be tested for drug use or use during the hiring period and some should be tested continuously. Marijuana users are not given a job because of their addiction or they may lose their job if the test results are positive. The same applies in case of sports equipment. If the athlete's marijuana test is positive he will not be able to play on the team, he could be expelled and he will have to pay a fine.

How do I know if I have a problem with marijuana use?

Some of the signs that may indicate you are addicted to marijuana include:
  • You can not control the need to consume it
  • You consume it before attending school or before other activities
  • You are looking specifically for people who consume it and situations in which you know it will be available
  • Continue using marijuana even though it has an effect Negative in your daily activities, in school, social relationships, sports or other activities

How can I stop using marijuana?

The most important thing is to talk to someone you trust who can advise you and help you get the help you need. There are treatment programs that focus on group counseling and support and also others designed specifically for teens. Consult your health care provider for the advice of the specialist.

Although the use and consumption of marijuana seems or is presented as the ultimate experience in movies, on television through music, etc. After reading this article you are already informed about it and how harmful it is. There are many ways to feel good and have fun in different ways and no reason to harm your body or your mind.

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