Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
Entertainment | By Alexander Flowers

Nightwing Is Finally Coming To DC Extended Universe!

Warner plotting a new DC superhero film based on the Batman-centric character Nightwing.

In the DCEU, Robin was killed by The Joker and Batman has placed his suit in a display case in the batcave to serve as a reminder, as seen in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So we made a decision to take a look at some of the better (and just generally more cinema-friendly) villains in Nightwing's pantheon to make up a list of who he might battle in Bludhaven. Considering how closely connected the character is to Batman and the fact that McKay is fresh from directing animated spin-off The Lego Batman Movie, he certainly seems like a good fit. More details to come.

The Accountant's Bill Dubuque is now writing the script for the movie, which will be based on the DC Comics character Dick Grayson. The script is reportedly being written by Bill Dubuque, who most recently penned The Accountant.

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The Nightwing character is best known as the first Robin to Batman. This will be McKay's first foray into live-action filmmaking. Robin is also in love with his sparkly cape, while there's a slightly homoerotic air to the rivalry between Batman and Robin, leading to a scene played out like the culmination of a romance, but in reverse.

The Batfamily is expanding in the DC Extended Universe.

WB and DC have shied away from embracing any of the Robins, Grayson, Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne (the son of Batman) for too long, but it's not entirely their fault.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Nightwing will get his own solo film.

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