Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
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Nina (2016) for Rent on DVD and Blu-ray - Netflix DVD

Nina (2016) for Rent on DVD and Blu-ray - Netflix DVD

Nina Simone (Zoe Saldana) is a biographical movie about the life of monumental singer-songwriter-musician. It explores her life when she was at her lowest depths - often drunk, combative, and unable to connect except through music. This makes for a sometimes-intense biopic that includes plenty of lows juxtaposed against highs, including loud fights with both verbal and physical attacks. There are also strong language ("f-k" and more), many scenes of drunkenness, kissing, a woman's bare backside, and incidents involving guns and knives. The movie has drawn some controversy due to the fact that Saldana used prosthetics and skin-darkening make-up to look more like Simone. Sexual Content Kissing and blatant propositioning. A woman is seen lounging with someone else in bed; When she stands up, her bare backside is briefly seen. Violence Nina points to gun at a man; Later, she attacks a police officer and, in a separate incident involving a knife, an audience member. She screams and cusses people out. Discussion about how she has been hit by the men in her life. Language Frequent language includes everything from "f-k" (and variations thereof) to "damn" and "a-hole." Social Behavior A new beginning is there for those who want to claim it; Also, greatness is not diminished by human frailty. Consumerism Products / brands include Air France, Steinway. Drugs / Tobacco / Alcohol Simone is portrayed as an addict who drank constantly. She almost needed medication to stabilize her mental illness.


Age appropriate Not an issue Depends on your kid and your family Not suitable for kids of the age most likely to want to see it

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