Published: Sun, February 12, 2017
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Ride On Toys Parts Accessories - KidsWheels

Ride On Toys Parts Accessories - KidsWheels

You may think you can not encapsulate adventure in a metal cage, but the Henes Broon F830 is exactly that. When you're looking at a supercar, you're looking for the cool factor, for swagger. You believe that style and adventure are something that every kid deserves, but a parent, you deserve some technological awesome as well. The Henes Broon f830 is a car that offers the best of everything-for the concerned parent, the Henes Broon f830 offers incredible safety features, including the 4-point harness and the suspension system that allows for a smoother ride. For parents, the Android software system and attached tablet makes using this kids supercar easier and more fun than other battery riding toys on the market.

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But that's just the logistics. The adventure comes in the doing. Hop in-strap up-and hit the road. The independent suspension offers a very smoother ride on uneven terrain and your pint-sized driver can control the sound, the lights, the navigation from their detachable Android tablet. The construction of the Henes Broon f830 makes this kids smart car easy to turn and navigate-even remotely.

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