Published: Tue, February 07, 2017
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'Stranger Things' reveals new teaser in surprising Super Bowl ad

'Stranger Things' reveals new teaser in surprising Super Bowl ad

These are just some of the questions that fans of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things have been wondering after the first season's finale left us with a cliffhanger. Ghostbusters, released in 1984, fits perfectly into that wheelhouse. Eleven's fate too remains unknown for the moment, after [spoiler alert] she disappeared with the monster. According to a YouTuber who uploaded a full, non-Upside Down version of the commercial, it first broadcast during an episode of The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show.

"The world is turning upside down". Lasting 30 seconds, this promotional video allows us to watch the first images of the next chapter of the series for Netflix, but above all, know when we can binge-watcher. I'm referring, of course, to the Stranger Things Season 2 Super Bowl teaser that graced all of our screens amid all of the touchdowns and snack-bingeing. We don't know if this means specifically that it will be available come October 31, but at the same time, this is around when you can see the cast of kids back in action.

However, a table read photo for Season 2, released on the "Stranger Things" Twitter account in November, revealed that we haven't seen the last of Millie Bobby Brown and her nosebleeds yet! While Mike and Lucas are talking to each other, something in the distance appears to catch Dustin's attention.

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Although details are sketchy on what actually happens in the upcoming second season, Netflix are nonetheless beginning to drop hints on what's coming.

The Season One Plot: Set in Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980's, Stranger Things chronicles the search for a young boy who vanishes into thin air under highly suspicious circumstances.

Stranger Things spoilers ahead!

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