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To the Spaniards in the USA - Page 45 - Stormfront

To the Spaniards in the USA - Page 45 - Stormfront

Antonin Leblanc

Hispanic "and the confusion between mestizo, Spanish or Creole that generates, the truth is that being sudeuropeo does not help much to be better seen in the USA,

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It is also a guide for the facilitation, correction and fixation of said phoneme, once obtained the correct level of articulation. Colorful notebook is a work created especially for the children who attend the first years of preschool education.

Just have to give a view to the immigration act of 1924 to understand that the Europeans have never been much loved in the United States. This act says to restrict the immigration of Slavs, Arabs, East, Jews, and South Americans to the United States.

Immigration Act of 1924 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Or look at Madison Grant, a North American racialist, pro WASP and one of Hitler's favorite writers on sudeuropeos. It says something like the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean were Nordic And that the current ones are mestizo.

Or even the famous horror writer Lovecraft.

To what I want to get with this, that in the United States there is a lot of nordicism And if you do not have "Germanic" genes you will not be considered as a bacchus.

P> Well, I do not know what the hell with the United States, a country whose population descends from the great migrations of Germans, Swedes, Italians, Greeks, Poles, Russians, English, In the second half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. Just have to see their surnames ...

Just look at the surname of the New York police who killed a black man in July: Pantaleo. The surname is clearly Italian. Gee, was not it their ancestors who were denied entry to the country?

And that you say that the South Africans are not very dear in the United States, bla bla bla, it is your opinion, champion. It matters little to me that if you love us a lot or a little, I do not live there anyway, but it is still your opinion. I have always heard the opposite, at least towards the Spaniards, that there are not many in that country, so tell me what you are basing to affirm what you say

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