Published: Wed, February 15, 2017
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YALit | Rajdeep Paulus

YALit | Rajdeep Paulus

Just thought I'd share this fun news with all my readers!

Last summer, I received an email from a guy who worked for Amazon. I must admit, I did not believe it was legit at first, even with "Amazon" in his email address. But the letter was long and sweet, thoughtful and very encouraging-and this Editor from Amazon read my first book, Swimming Through Clouds! And he loved it!

I boldly asked him if he read the sequel and he had not. Yet. A few days later I received another email raving about Seeing Through Stones. I have wanted to talk to myself. So I dialed his number and we had a lengthy conversation about my short but exciting writing career. And I've wanted to know more, so I asked if I could interview formally and propose an article to his manager to be published on Amazon's site.

I wanted to share my story with Amazon customers, and October came Along and hubby had to travel to Seattle for business. I joined him, and at this point, four months had passed and no interview with the Amazon guy happened. I once again boldly emailed my new friend over to Amazon, and said, "You know, I'll be in the neighborhood if you still want to do that interview. We could do it in person rather than on the phone. "I agreed. And with Amazon headquarters right there in Seattle, I've worked a few blocks from our hotel so we met downtown, and I showed my Amazon badge, and even up to this point, I wondered if this whole thing was real.

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Then he said, "It's such a beautiful day. We should find that Talia and Lagan would want to go to the interview, "and we walked a short distance to the only 'park' in the city. One that did not have a willow, and during the summer did it have a waterfall, but it was turned off at this point. I was touched by this alone and then we sat at a table and talked for an hour, his laptop and mic set up, and the backround of traffic off in the distance.

Months go by, and as in most big companies, things take time, and there were certainly days when I doubted anything would come of the interview. But the story is now live and ready for your reading and sharing!

Thanks for all the book love and support!

Stay true. Stay real. And love while today is called today.

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