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YWCA Central Massachusetts & raquo; Take Shape, For Life

YWCA Central Massachusetts & raquo; Take Shape, For Life

Take Shape, For Life

This program combines the successful model of weekly support classes and one-on-one personal coaching with full , Unlimited access to strength and cardio center, pool, and dozens of weekly fitness classes. All of your fitness and weight needs are conveniently bundled together for you in this one class package. This class teaches you the skills for lifetime fitness, by gradually changing your nutrition and activity habits. The weekly group check in class is the perfect motivation to keep you on track, and give you the support and encouragement of your fellow class participants.

This class is yours, and your input will always be a part of Making it fun, challenging and an important part of how you take Shape, For Life! Exercise modes will vary, giving you a good mix of your favorites and new things to try. Each class will offer the opportunity to evaluate and adjust your fitness and nutrition plans in your journey to greater health. The supportive environment of this class allows you to hear from others, learn that you are not alone, and help you succeed.

Take the first steps toward achieving your goals at your first class meeting, starting with discussing your Personal goals and challenges. Physical activity, nutrition, time management, and motivation are all important components of your overall plan. Your trainer will help you determine an individual action plan, and give you advice on the best system for tracking your weekly activity and nutrition levels. Finally, you'll receive a tour and orientation to the YWCA's Health and Wellness Center, and have your first tailored exercise class.

YWCA Fitness Plan Members

CHS Burns Park
YWCA Central Massachusetts & raquo; Take Shape, For Life

$ 130 + $ 45 annual fee

Classes begin the week of October 4, 2015.

Select Tuesdays 10: 30-11: 45 am or Wednesdays 6: 00-7: 15 pm P>

Or contact us to set up a custom class time, convenient for your group.

about your instructor:

Cyndi Johnson is a Certified personal trainer. Cyndi enjoys creating and instructing classes, as well as creating routines and to help others achieve their goals. Cyndi has a variety of fitness interests including Yoga and Reiki, and personally participates in several events a year, including 5ks, 10ks, marathons, color runs, dashes and spartan races.

Cyndi feels it is important for women To know that their goals are possible You can do absolutely anything you put your minds to and work for! Exercising and eating right is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Having a healthful life benefits so many aspects of our lives: taking care of ourselves makes us feel good inside and out, and when we feel good, we have confidence. When we have confidence, not only do we think we can accomplish our goals, but we KNOW we can, and we do it!

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