Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Technology | By Tonya May

Amazon adds Alexa to its iOS shopping app

Amazon adds Alexa to its iOS shopping app

Amazon has recently begun the rolling out process of Alexa, the artificial intelligence voice assistant they have, to the iPhone models through the major shopping app.

The Assistant is being brought to the e-commerce app for helping people place their orders using their voice. Customers can also ask Alexa to track recent orders, or play audiobooks or songs that the user has bought through Kindle or any of Amazon's music services.

It's not a direct challenge to Apple's own Siri system that you can activate immediately using your voice across the panoply of Apple devices.

Although Alexa has been added to iPhones, the voice assistant can't be used as a Siri-replacing standalone service. For example, when I asked the not-fully-enabled Alexa "why is the sky blue", it searched for blue shirts.

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And Alexa pretty much works in the same way it does on other Amazon devices. Why Amazon opted to equip its shopping app Alexa features instead of the main Alexa app is still a bit unclear, but that's beside the point. Currently, there's no other way to find and install Alexa Skills other than in that app, but any of the skills you've enabled will be controllable within the Shopping app.

The move would remove the price barrier and encourage developers to build robust Alexa skills on AWS.

Thanks to its integrated digital smart assistant, Alexa, it's capable of letting you search the web and solve tasks using nothing more than your voice. That could also compel users just getting into the smart-home space to buy Alexa-compatible products over HomeKit-ready devices (but there is overlap between those two device groups, too). It can do or help you with multiple things on the Amazon app. Word has it that the new feature is now available only in the USA market but it is not known how soon it will arrive in the UK.

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