Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
Entertainment | By Alexander Flowers

'Beauty and the Beast' is already breaking records at the box office

Having said that, this flick is about 80 percent the same as the animated movie, so even if you don't love all the differences from the original B&B, you can still enjoy everything they kept the same. Easy answer - quite a bit.

"Because it is a totally futuristic idea fused with a classic fairy tale". Here are the top five differences between the animated version and 2017 adaptation.

What better way to celebrate the opening of Beauty and the Beast than with a round of cosplay karaoke?

He said: "I used the fangs in the pre-production exploration to find the voice, to find the shape of the mouth". Once the company was ready, and someone had explained to poor Dan Stevens that this was not on the show's set but rather in a crosswalk, the musical began. I actually want a sequel or prequel just focusing on LeFou.

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The star power Disney has attracted to the live-action revivals also broadens their appeal. Celine Dion makes a return on the soundtrack with the song "How Does a Moment Last Forever", which is played during the final credits. With the help of new CGI technology, these animated characters look livelier than ever in the new movie.

And, of course, the special effects and the scenery were lovely. "This movie moved me when I was 21, and I first saw it", said Audra McDonald who appears as Madame Garderobe. The first time the director experienced Beauty and the Beast was well into adulthood.

Tucci didn't get a break completely, as he does end up singing a few lines.

WHEN it was announced that Disney would be producing a live-action remake of its 1991 animation classic Beauty and the Beast, it was hard to believe a quarter of a century had gone by. It still doesn't answer other questions, though, such as: what the f**k is the Beast's name? Grab your tissues for that scene. The next day, we see Belle in a green dress where the Beast gives her the library. Tell us what you think of the movie by commenting on the article. Alongside Evan's character is Josh Gad's character, Le Fou. Mrs. Potts and more favorite characters. In the live-action remake, we are introduced to the Enchantress at the beginning of the film. So get the popcorn ready, assemble your pals (previously inanimate objects, furry creatures, etc.) to see the film and let us know whose big screen moments stood out to you. People were accustomed to seeing the prince in his beast form most of the time.

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