Published: Пт, Марта 17, 2017
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Hematocolpos Hematometra | Rischanatasyatasman

Hematocolpos Hematometra | Rischanatasyatasman

I was glancing at the article that found the new found baby left unattended near the trash bin. This kind of crime is often seen in the abstract as well. But when it happens to someone we love / to ourselves, we suddenly see the reality of the horrible pain, suffering & Its widespread effect.

The reason I wanna write about this article is because people always take this child abuse for granted. Damn, you should be lucky enough that your womb can support a baby to live and give birth to it. Some of them are still questioning, whether or not they can be a mother. Including me!

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Hematocolpos Hematometra. A disorder in the women reproduction system, which is an uncommon cause of chronic pelvic pain that is amenable to surgical correction. This disease denotes the retention of menstrual product in the vagina and uterine cavity. Suddenly, I can say that my uterus / womb and my vagina were filled with menstrual blood. And of course, it led to a huge possibility of infertility. Obviously, my disease is a rare one and it's a bit lethal because before I was coped, I I could not bare the pain and died. But Alloh SWT has another scenario for me. Something that is out of my mind. And that's what I want to share.

First miracle thing happened to me, The doctor found that I had two wombs. The possibility of this condition is 1: 1000. Normal woman only has one womb, but I have two. This condition allowed the doctor to undergo the surgery for me and got rid off of all the dirty blood.

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Second miracle, while I was still half unconscious, one of my doctor, Dr. Azima, told me that everything was under control. She also said congratulation to me but I was not sure the whole conversation she had said since my head was pretty dizzy. The next day, she came to my room and gave me a forehead kiss and whispered "You're still virgin sweetheart, and your very best to protect it and give it to the right one" I was Overwhelmed. I would like to know if I would be able to do this, but I would like to know if it is the case. For the rest of my life Thank you, Ya Alloh ... Alhamdulillah ...

The miracle did not stop there, after I was being hospitalized for two weeks, all my doctor said that I could go home and go to school again. Dr. Hariyanto explained every detail of my recent condition. Just to sum-up, now I still have two wombs with a normal path for my menstruation product to go through the vagina. Suddenly my logic scared me. If I have two wombs, only I have four ovaries. So, I have four path for the sperm to get to the ovum / egg. If with only one wombs, thousands of sperms still got lost to reach the ovum, how about two wombs? Moreover, sperms can not deal with the high level of women's reproductive system. So, in my case, I still can not have a baby because of a small possibility for any sperm to pass many constraints to get my ovum. So, I asked my doctor "Doc, can I still be pregnant ? "He only said" No one knows ", then I'm worried.

Having a baby must be every girl's dream, but I have Alloh SWT. Everything can happen, kun fayakkun.

إياك نعبد وإياك نستعين

"Hanya Engkaulah yang kami sembah, dan hanya kepada Engkaulah kami meminta pertolongan"

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