Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
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Kids | Also Ran Again

Kids | Also Ran Again

I'm linking up again with my friend Tara at Running 'n' Reading. Please go check out her blog!

Just as last week flew by, so did this past weekend. The speed with which my weekend passed may have something to do with the fact that I was running errands for the majority of it.

School's almost back in session and I am a terrible mom, so of course my Kids are ill-equipped to return to school in September. In addition to spending some quality time at my local Target shopping all manner of school supplies and at the mall buying the kids some school clothes, I also did this:

A little shopping for myself! Yes, I paid a quick visit to Nordstrom and, yes, I can not escape my kids even when shopping. I went there to buy some new denim and to try to find a cute "birthday outfit" to wear this coming weekend in Vancouver. I found this adorable jacket and bought it, but I've already decided it's going back. I can not justify spending that much money on a novelty jacket, especially when the amount I'll spend in Vancouver on food alone will be (small) king's ransom. I'm keeping the boyfriend jeans, though.

I am moving my US iMac and macbook pro to Irela ... | Official Apple Support Communities
You do not need to do that the power supply of modern electronics can take almost any worldwide voltage. If you have something that does not have that input power spec, it would require a transformer.

I also managed to get my "long run" in this weekend. I'd planned to run 11 miles but the route I ran ended short. Oh well. It was warm and humid (80%, which is high for these parts) and I looked like a hot mess by the end of it. My pace was slower than I would like to be realistic: I have not run double-digits since I ran the marathon on May 31, and I'm supposed to gradually build my speed and endurance after injury. I think being capable of running at 10-miler should prepare me well enough to at least finish this weekend's SeaWheeze Half without injury. If my pace is anywhere near 9: 52 / mile at SeaWheeze, I should be happy.

Whee! Nuun at a great price. My son was very, very pleased.

If anyone loves Nuun more than me in our household, it might be this guy. I drink it during and after runs, as well as just for the hell of it, and I drink it when I play soccer. I would drink it more often if I let him, but I hoard my Nuun like it's a rare commodity. I think he believes it gives him special athletic powers. I think it's damn good for hydrating, but it turns out I was wrong about its capabilities:

Hangover cure, huh?

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