Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
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Does anyone have a house in their system that looks like rubix cube? I asked the 'others' to show me what the system looks like and so far I have seen a lot but not everything. There is a square white house in the system with 3 floors and rooms that go right around on all 4 sides. The top level is straight, the middle level is skew and the bottom level is straight. When I explained this to T, she said it sounds like rubix cube. The only problem is that a rubix cube haves lots of colors on all sides and you can still move the color pieces around to match the right sides ... but with the house in my system, all the sides are white. So you have absolutely no idea when something is shuffled around.

My top floor is also a maze and I'm not allowed - or no one is allowed - to go to the top floor, except those that live on the top floor. The alters on the top floor are like the 'untouchables' - the ones you can not talk to, but they can talk to you if they want ... but they do not want to. My T thinks that the top floor alters carry the darkest secrets of what happened to me when I was small. T is very worried because she's already classifying me as a DID SRA.

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I have 5 protectors + 1 that knows everything that goes on in the system. I know the roles of 4 of the protectors:
1 takes the anger,
1 acts like a numb / dead brick wall to make me feel no emotion,
1 puts alters to sleep if the emotional pain gets Too much,
1 gets rid of my memories
and the last protector I have a sneaking suspicion that she is the 'big joe on campus' that controls everything and knows more than the others . Does this make sense? Does anyone else have this?

Also, does everyone have a gatekeeper? How do you find the gatekeeper? How do you find the 'entrance' that they are protecting?

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