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Month - meaning of month dictionary

Month - meaning of month dictionary

Elections will be made to the Supreme Powers of the Union within two months of occupied the capital of the Republic, under the terms of the call to be issued by the Chief of the Executive, one month after the day that takes place The occupation under the electoral laws of February 12, 1857 and December 23, 1872. The Executive Power, with no other powers than merely administrative powers, will be deposited while the elections are held, in the President of the current Supreme Court of Justice, or in the magistrate who performs his functions, whenever one or the other in his case, accepts in all its parts the present plan, and makes known its acceptance by means of the press, within a Month, counting from the day on which the same plan is published in the newspapers of the capital.

When the secondary elections are verified, the Congress will meet and immediately fill the prescriptions of art.

The Executive Power Or the Judicial may enable the public holidays, in case of emergency and for needs of a better and faster public service. The judicial holiday will be of one month per year, in the form that the law establishes.

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They can not be processed nor prisoners without previous authorization of the Congress or of the Standing Commission, since they are chosen until a month later To have ceased to hold office, except for flagrante delicto, in which case they are placed at the disposal of Congress or the Permanent Commission within twenty-four hours, in order to authorize or not deprivation of liberty and prosecution.

If the Executive Power does not submit the budget proposal in the penultimate month of the regular session, the initiative will be the responsibility of the Legislature, based on the current budget.

Click here. The fact is that yesterday-was it yesterday? -Yes, no doubt, unless it was before, another day, another month, another year-I do not know. It must have been yesterday, because the day has not returned to dawn, because the sun has not come out again.

Seven days later we would return to Canada, the same summer hut that a month before had seen us The three of them dine before the tent. ARTICLE 171 - The Supreme Court shall propose to the Executive Power the annual budget of the Administration of Justice, one month before the time to be sent to the Legislature, the general budget of the administration.

The day progressed just like the precedents of the whole month: dry, clear, with fourteen hours of calming sun that seemed to keep the sky in melting, and which in an instant cracked the wet ground in whitish crusts. A few days after the burial of Dona Teresa Carrillo de Albornoz, at about eleven o'clock on a splendid morning of the month of flowers, on the eve of the day before or on the eve of San Isidro, our friend Captain Veneno was walking very fast. By the main hall of the mortuary house, supported by two beautiful and uneven crutches of ebony and silver, gift of the Marquis of the Tomillares; And although the pampered convalescent was there alone, and there was no one in the study or in the bedroom, he spoke from time to time in a low voice, with the usual rage and disgust.

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

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