Published: Wed, March 29, 2017
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Narco News: Day of the 50,000 dead

Narco News: Day of the 50,000 dead

By Marta Molina Special for The Narco News Bulletin

"Let's go out tonight to name our dead. Let us carry along with their names and dates of birth and death, photographs, garments, everything that makes them present again among us. " With these words Javier Sicilia summoned Mexicans to join a global day for the memory of the 50,000 killed in Mexico during the war against drug trafficking.

It was precisely during the first part of the second public dialogue between the MPJD (Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity) and President Felipe Calderón last October 14 in the Chapultepec Castle when the poet Sicilia called the Mexicans to take to the streets and squares on the night of October 31 to remember The victims of violence. Sicily called on the population to take "all public space that has been taken by crime and government incapacity." The goal, said Sicilia, is "to gather our pains, to remember our dead and to manifest our will of peace, love and justice"

Not letting them die, naming the victims and making them present has been one of the objectives of the MPJD since it toured Mexico from north to south in the form of a Caravan; That the 50,000 deaths ceased to be mere figures or collateral damage resulting from the so-called war on drugs unleashed by President Felipe Calderón since 2006.

It is precisely in this sense that the MPJD has called on civil society Mexico to celebrate a Global Day of the Dead between October 31 at 6:00 p.m. and November 1 at the same time, 24 hours that serve to make all the dead present. During this day that is called "A flash in the dark" the relatives of the victims will make a 24-hour fast and a monumental offering and a memorial will be made for each of the dead.

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In the City Of Mexico the day will begin in the Angel of Independence (Historic Center) with a concentration with candles and a procession in silence and activities will be performed during the night and dawn between 31 and 1. Many other cities have wanted to replicate this call in Their places and join this global evening. In addition, Mexicans living outside the country have also brought together their communities abroad to make the 50,000 victims present and organize a 24-hour evening for them.

Artistic world, including the singer Chavela Vargas, 92, who will join the evening for peace on November 1 at 12 o'clock, at which time Javier Sicilia will read a political declaration.

María Herrera, member of the MPJD in a video to summon to the global day of the Day of the Dead

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