Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Science | By Carlton Santiago

NASA's funding for 2018 to be reduced to $19.1 billion

NASA's funding for 2018 to be reduced to $19.1 billion

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, one of the budget's biggest targets, would suffer a cut of $2.8 billion or almost a third of its $8.1 billion current budget-much higher than previous estimates of 25 percent-including a $100 million cut for climate programs.

This morning, Hourihan pored through the blueprint, and compared Trump's 2018 budget wishes with President Obama's 2016 budget.

The (fictional) aliens spoke, and President Donald Trump apparently listened. 'We consider that to be a waste of your money'. However, Trump's proposal aims to go the cut the funding 1 percent. The detailed budget request is not expected to be submitted to Congress for several weeks. Those cuts are only proposed ones, though, as Congress ultimately decides who gets what money, a process that will play out over the coming months and into summer. Former vice president Al Gore championed it, but George W. Bush's administration mothballed it. "We all have to be careful not to jump too high".

If it can't, children - who are our only hope at creating a better world after this grease fire United States administration - will suffer most. Additionally, as the realities of climate change grow more pressing, the data that NASA scientists obtain and analyze is crucial in understanding how we can improve the harsh truths of our environment.

The planetary science budget has actually increased, so NASA can spend more on investigating other planets and moons.

No reason for canceling the ARM was given other than to "accommodate increasing development costs" in other exploration programs. "It's very concerning", McEntee said, citing the necessity of such satellites for giving advance warning of major storms, floods and drought, and other weather and climate issues that can have major economic impacts on farming, energy and infrastructure.

One of the Goddard-related programs zeroed out in the budget proposal is the PACE mission - short for Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem.

Adding to the uncertainty around how climate science may fare under the Trump administration is the lack of any nominees to lead NASA and NOAA.

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Unfortunately, and especially now, there are many who do not see value or validity in science. 'It is going to kill a lot of key research programmes on science generally, certainly on science and the environment, ' states Anastas, who is now a chemistry and environment professor at Yale University. The earth science program is cut, but not as deeply as many feared. It would increase NASA's budget - though just 1 percent next year, not the 5 percent proposed by the Planetary Society.

During today's White House press briefing OMB Director Mick Mulvaney pointed to statements President Trump had made.

Some programs come out unscathed, like research grants at the Department of Agriculture that fund research in plant, animal, and soil science.

In a statement released Thursday, acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot said that the space agency would absorb its education and outreach efforts into the Science Mission Directorate. "Having real life NASA resources means that the kids are essentially learning directly from NASA which makes it all the more exciting".

Healthcare research also takes a hit.

Also on the chopping block, according to The Verge, would be a proposed mission to place a lander on Jupiter's moon Europa - although the Europa Clipper mission, which will conduct a flyby of the icy satellite, remains a go.

The proposed budget will undergo scrutiny in Congress and needs to be approved by lawmakers before being implemented.

"In order to maintain a high return on investment, we should continue to prioritize areas where the NWS excels and can not be replaced by a crummy app", Maue said.

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