Published: Thu, March 02, 2017
Technology | By Tonya May

Oculus looks to spur VR spread with Rift price cut

Head of VR content Jason Rubin said this will facilitate expanding the VR ecosystem, and that this price is "sustainable".

As we approach the one year anniversary of it finally going on sale to the public, the Facebook-owned company has reduced the price from $599 to $499. Luckily, Oculus and Facebook have just lowered that barrier a bit, and are now offering Oculus and Touch controller bundles for $598. The price of additional Oculus Sensors will also drop from $79 to $59.

The Oculus Rift system is not now compatible with Apple Inc.'s Mac computers, and while Oculus does not have an active team working on this, Mitchell wants Mac support in the long-term.

Of course, all these prices doesn't factor in the cost of the hardware needed to run the VR headsets in the first place.

Facebook in talks with Major League Baseball to live stream games, report says
Shaving a minute of time in a game - if an intentional walk even happens - isn't a huge chunk to begin with. However, it seems unlikely that scrapping four pitches in one game will affect game time much, if at all.

There are many challenges VR still faces in becoming an accepted part of everyday life.

Oculus broke the news at an annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where scores of titles were being shown off for play using Rift, or competing hardware such as HTC Vive or Sony PlayStation VR headsets. But now, the bundle costs only $598. Sales of the device have seen some struggles after only a year on the shelf. With this new price cut, you can feel a little less guilty doing so. To that end, he says that Oculus is highly committed to both producing and helping to enable more and more VR content this year and beyond, but serves a useful reminder that VR is still in its infancy.

We believe this lower entry price will attract consumers to PC VR at a faster pace. Just this week, the company introduced a new financing program that allows would-be buyers to get a Vive now and pay it off over six, 12, or 24 months.

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