Published: Mon, March 06, 2017
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Resolved What is the word used in Mexico to mean "slang"? Use-of-words, mexico, term-request, spanish:

Spanish, being such a vocabulary and synonym of language, you'll find at least three or four different terms that adequately convey the broad meaning of almost concept that you wish to articulate, however most of the time, there Are subtle nuances and implied meanings (connotations) when using different words for the same concept . Add regionalisms to the mix, and using the "right" word becomes a fun task to say the least.

This is A good example: since Jerga certainly conveys the meaning of slang it is nonetheless a very neutral, "internationalized - standard" word that most people with at least high school level Vocabulary will understand both in Spain, and Hispanic America. It does, however, sound a little "off" in everyday speech.

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A more accurate term in common use for 'slang' in Mexico is Caló

Colloquial is the same as that of the rapper, although the vocalist can is rap, the rest of the act is embarrassingly kitsch. Also a good, standard term for 'slang'. However, Jerga , Caló , and Colloquial are hardly ever used outside formal linguistic studies.

Most Mexican Spanish speakers will qualify speech as "corriente" (cheap) as in "the way you speak is very ordinary". Mexico City favors the more insular Guarro but that has a heavy rudeness connotation. Lately, "naco" has also been used to describe slang, though that has a connotation of ignorance and unsophistication.

It is probably worth mentioning that at least in Mexico, the very word "Slang" is well understood with the same meaning as in English as a kind of "loan word". That may not hold true in Central America or Spain, though.

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