Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Royal Jordanian Airlines Says It's Banning Electronics From US-Bound Flights

Royal Jordanian Airlines Says It's Banning Electronics From US-Bound Flights

Royal Jordanian said the electronics ban affected its flights to New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal.

An official for the US government said the policy has been mulled over for several weeks, according to The Associated Press.

The full list of countries has not been revealed, but appears to include Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security didn't deny there is a directive, but declined to comment.

The airline tweeted and posted the announcement on Facebook.

The original tweet said the restrictions came "following instructions from concern U.S. departments".

Middle East airlines are facing another threat to their long-haul operations, with signs that USA authorities have barred flag carriers from Saudi Arabia and Jordan - along with airlines from at least 11 other countries - from allowing passengers on board with any electronic device larger than a cell phone.

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"Cellphones and medical devices needed during the flight are excluded from the ban", Royal Jordanian's statement reads.

JFK-based representatives of Dubai's Emirates Airline and Doha-based Qatar Airways said they had not heard of any changes.

USA authorities are planning to ban passengers travelling on certain US-bound foreign airline flights from carrying on larger electronic devices in response to an unspecified terrorism threat, according to a government official.

Additionally, the Transportation Safety Administration would not clarify what the fuck is going on, telling Gizmodo and several other outlets that it has "no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate".

A congressional aide told the Associated Press Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly informed lawmakers of security issues related to the upcoming electronics ban over the weekend. It is unclear which airlines are affected.

"This story is very much still developing", air travel expert Ben Schlappig, who runs the One Mile at a Time travel blog, wrote.

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